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People who give freely of their time and talent to a worthwhile group or cause. A volunteer is someone who believes that people make a difference and is willing to prove it. AYSO needs volunteers because people power runs AYSO. Volunteers strengthen AYSO by giving their time and energy, their ideas and ideals. Volunteers make AYSO happen. 

Almost anyone can volunteer. Moms, dads, sisters, brothers, grandparents, even friends. We need women and men, young, middle-aged and "young at heart" folks. AYSO wants volunteers who want to help make our soccer program a fun experience for kids. 

You may want to consider taking advantage of the opportunity to team up with another parent. AYSO 459 has allowed the head coach to select
- An assistant coach. The coach and assistant coach children will play on the same team. This will require both coaches to complete the required trainings and certifications.
- A team referee. The coach and team referee children could play on the same team. However, this requires the team referee to complete the basic referee training course (prior to the start of the season) and referee all home games. If possible, referee the away games that do not have a scheduled referee. NOTE: Team referee(s) are eligible for 8U, 10U, and 12U Divisions ONLY.

All volunteers (e.g,. coaches, referees, team parents, EPIC Buddies) are required to complete a few requirements. After the you have completed the "signup" process, we would like for you to contact us so that we know you expressed interest in volunteering and can verify the requirements are completed in the system: 

Coaches contact Coach Administrators
Referees (Youth or Adult) contact Referee Administrators
Team Parents contact Team Parent Coordinators
EPIC Buddies (Youth or Adult) contact EPIC Program Administrator

Team Personnel Listing

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Assistant Coach 
Head Coach 
Team Parent 


Youth Referee (12-17y/o) 

MY23- 2023-2024 Board Member & General Volunteer

Board Member 
Fund Raising 
General Volunteer 
Field Help 
End-of-the-Year Help 

Volunteer Process

Steps to Volunteer
1. "Signup" for the volunteer role and complete the background check. This is required every year.
2. Complete the online AYSO Safe Haven course.
3. Complete the online CDC Concussion Awareness course. Per State of Michigan, this must be retaken every three years)
4. Complete the online U.S. SafeSport course. The 2017 SafeSport Act has expanded Mandated Reporters to include adults authorized to interact with children. 

If you are a coach or referee, you are required to complete the age-appropriate training for the age-division you are going to be volunteering to coach and/or referee.

"Signup" For A Volunteer Role
To "signup" for a volunteer role, you will 

1. Go to 
2. Click on the "Register Now" or "Login" link in the upper right corner
    - If you have previously registered your child or yourself in AYSO 459, then you will click on "Login". Otherwise, you will need to create an account by clicking on the "Register Now"
3. Click on the "Volunteer" tab on the left side of the dashboard
4. Click on the "Find Volunteer Roles" and select the age division and role you want to "signup"
5. Complete the form & e-Sign your document.

AYSO Safe Haven, CDC Concussion Awareness, & U.S. SafeSport Courses
To complete the AYSO Safe Haven, CDC Concussion Awareness, & U.S. SafeSport Courses, you will 

1. Login into
2. From your dashboard, click on "Volunteer" tab
3. On your Volunteer tile, click on the AYSOU button

AYSO Safe Haven Certification
AYSO's Safe Haven is estimated to take 30-60 minutes, and the certification will be considered "current" until if/when AYSO changes the course material. The course was developed to protect both children and volunteers. The program covers protection guidelines, safety and injury prevention as well as the importance of role modeling sporting behavior and supporting the philosophies of AYSO.

CDC Concussion Awareness Certification
CDC Concussion Awareness certification is estimated to take 45-60 minutes, and the certification will be considered acceptable until if/when the CDC changes the course material. By taking this free, online course and using what you learn, you will be well positioned to improve the culture of concussion. Your actions can help create a safe environment for young athletes so that they can stay healthy, active, and thrive - both on and off the playing field. Upon completion of this training, you can print out the certificate, making it easy to show your league or school you are ready for the season.

U.S. SafeSport Course
U.S. SafeSport training is the full course in the first year, which is 90 minutes, and repeated every three years, followed by annual updates in the in-between years, which are 30 minutes. The 2017 SafeSport Act has expanded Mandated Reporters to include adults authorized to interact with children. Due to this expansion, that includes AYSO and it requires training on child abuse and mandated reporting. Effective, January 1, 2022, U.S. Soccer will no longer allow equivalent training* and has mandated SafeSport training.

Coach & Referee Courses
Coaches, please see > Coaches > Coach Training for more details on the requirements and how to register for the course. You are welcome to contact the Coach Administrators. Referees, please contact the Referee Administrators

Volunteers Wanted

Below are the various positions for which we are actively seeking volunteers. If you don't see role, then send email to the Regional Commissioner and make a suggestion.


Spend quality time with your child and bring smiles to a whole team. We provide training clinics, coach manuals and equipment. You provide the fun. Moms and Dads welcomed!! No experience needed. Responsible for running the team practices and making line-ups at games

Assistant Coach

Help your child’s coach. Again, we provide training


We provide training and equipment (no experience needed); you get to learn the Laws of the Game and to blow a whistle as loud as you can.  Start in 8U and do just a few games. You are more than welcome to referee your child’s game.

Assistant Registrar
Work with the Region Registrar to organize the yearly player registration event and process wait-listed players, throughout the year as needed, to be assigned to a team. No experience necessary. We provide all the training required.

Publicity/Social Media
Work on our newsletter and/or website or help distribute information about our program to participants in the program and the community. When needed, deliver fliers about our program to schools and businesses. Wherever you can pitch in, we’d be glad for the assistance.

Special Events

Picture Day, Region Picnic, other events.

Team Parent Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating various events for the Region, such as Picture Day and the Region Picnic.

Assistant Treasurer

Work with the Region Treasurer to keep an accurate accounting of all the monies received and paid out. No experience necessary. We provide all the training required.

Assistant Child & Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA)

Assist the Region CVPA in ensuring that all volunteers are registered with the Region and help administer the Safe Haven program.  We provide all the training, manuals and procedures required to perform this position.

Assistant Safety Director

Assist the Region Safety Director who is responsible for all aspects of the Region’s safety.

Fields and Grounds

Help to make sure our fields are in playable condition and are left in good shape.

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