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AYSO sponsored tournaments is a great way to have your team participate and compete against other teams across the Section and Area. There is additional cost (e.g., registration), but the kids have a great time playing at least 3 games over the Friday-Saturday-Sunday event. The result is winning trophies and most importantly making memories! 

FallFest Tournament - See AYSO Section 8 Area C

In October, regions of AYSO Section 8 Area C compete at a two day tournament. Tournament Information and Application

Section 8 Tournament - See AYSO Section 8
Usually, after schools lets out, regions of AYSO Section 8 (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, & Kentucky) come together for a three day tournament. 


AYSO Core and EXTRA teams are eligible to play in non-AYSO Soccer Tournaments. Although, before you register the team, you need to a few things:

1. Identify a tournament - read the fine print of the application!
2. Ask the parents of your team for participation; requires a minimum of 70% of current registered AYSO team to participate
3. Contact AYSO 459 Regional Commissioner and Coach Administrator for review and approval
4. Assuming the RC/Coach Administrator approves, submit your application to the tournament officials
5. Continue playing your AYSO soccer games and hosting practices!

Requirements for registration in non-AYSO Soccer Tournaments:
 - Minimum of 70% of your current registered AYSO team to participate
 - Regional Commissioner/Coach Administrator must approve
    - Insurance/Liability coverage
 - All players must wear their AYSO uniforms at the tournament
   - No altering of uniforms, e.g., names or nicknames on the jersey

Remember, you and your team will be representing AYSO. Stay true to our core values – or what we call AYSO’s Six Philosophies – that are the foundation: Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development. Play hard and have fun! And everything else will fall into place. 

If you need help or have more questions, please contact AYSO 459 Tournament Committee

Eligible non-AYSO Soccer Tournaments

There are a plethora of Soccer Tournaments around the area. So you do not need to look very far. Here are a few that teams have participated in the past.

   - Canton Cup (
   - Michigan Soccer Classic (


Begin planning early!
Communication with the parents is key. All key information for the tournament is posted in September (e.g., Create a quick flyer/e-mail with all information to generate interest. 
Goal: For the Canton Cup, achive the team participation commitment by end of the fall AYSO season. The tournament is typically the end of May. 

Building the roster
Hopefully you can achieve 100% participation from your team. If you can’t get 100%, then let’s start asking fellow coaches in your age division for help. Any additional players must be from the current registered AYSO teams. 
Remember: You need a minimum of 70% of your current registered AYSO team to participate

Collecting tournament fees
Coaches already have enough to do, so why do they need to collect the money from all of the parents. One of the benefits of working with the AYSO Regional Commissioner and Coach Administrator is that they have the infrastructure for collecting the money from the parents. 
Goal: Let’s avoid any issues/concerns with handling of money. 

Travel (Lodging/Transportation)
Traveling to a tournament is no different than driving to your AYSO games or practice. It is the responsibility of the parent to get their player to the tournament. As a coach, please remember the AYSO Safe Haven course - Do not put yourself in a questionable situation. 

Hotels are optional, but a quick warning here. Games can start as early as 8am which means you need to have your team ready, e.g., be on the field at 7am for check in. Tournaments usually have the ability to reserve a block of rooms for teams. Reserve early! The parents will be responsible for the hotel expenses at the time of checkout. 

Tournament applications
Each tournament will have its own process and notification system. It is important to read the fine print and understand the ramifications of canceling or showing up late. 

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